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imus strongly believes that contributing to industry publications benefits knowledge sharing; for our latest published articles please click on the following links:

02/08/04 How Taxing can Taxonomies be?
05/07/04 Managed Hosted solutions shaping the future of IT Strategy
05/07/04 Critical Success Factors
05/07/04 Supplier Management
07/06/04 KBS within legal industry
07/06/04 Introduction to CRM
07/06/04 Can you really ignore CRM?
05/02/04 Digital dictation is still a booming business
05/02/04 Vox Pops - Legal IT
14/10/03 Web-hosted Document Management and Collaboration Services
09/10/03 What is the road map to successful knowledge management? Legal IT asks imus's view
04/09/03 Hummingbird reassures users
11/07/03 Saving on the hidden cost of communication
05/06/03 A virtual solution to managing multiple repositories  
08/05/03 Infrastructure: Demands and expectations  
08/05/03 Is J2EE the document management answer?  
03/04/03 Knowledge management for the next generation  
06/03/03 Microsoft - aiming to stay ahead 
07/02/03 Document managementís virtual future  
03/01/03 Offline Portals - the way forward  
03/01/03 Caution advised  
23/12/02 Providing a single view  
07/11/02 Archiving the right balance  
18/10/02 Bryan Cave wins the award for IT Litigation Support/ADR 
17/10/02 Outstanding vision should be acknowledged. imus congratulates this year award winners and nominees 
16/10/02 imus is pleased to be the sponsor of this year's award for "IT for Litigation/ADR Support" at The Legal IT Forum at the Gleneagles. 
10/10/02 imus is delighted to announce its participation at this years's "The Legal IT Forum" to be held at The Gleneagles, Scotland on 16-18 October  
03/10/02 Using CMS to think local, act global
03/10/02 Rafizadeh quits Hummingbird to start own firm