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imus an independent consultancy specialising in Knowledge Based Solutions

Can you afford to ignore and lose the knowledge that is locked within your organisation?

"When someone leaves your organisation they take with them all their implicit knowledge - make sure it's captured BEFORE it leaves"

"…KM is being implemented because effective knowledge management pays off in fewer mistakes, less redundancy, quicker problem solving, better decision making, reduced research/development costs, increased worker independence, enhanced customer relations, and improved service ("Becerra-Fernandez, 1999")

Knowledge is an asset that is often more important in sustaining today's business than either capital or fixed assets. In order to survive and indeed thrive, organizations increasingly find that they must change their fundamental business strategy. Their future is not only shaped by the management structure and environmental conditions, but is also heavily influenced by the speed of technological advancements.

Companies that have adopted knowledge sharing benefit from the ability to capture and re-use past experiences in their organisational development, service delivery and processes thus capitalising on what they have and enabling them to identify new opportunities.

Knowledge Based Solutions is not just about successful technology implementation - it is about aligning your knowledge, information (and data) processes and your vision to make the technology work for you.

What does Knowledge Based Solutions mean to you? If you are still uncertain about the effect it will have on your organisation, contact imus. Alternatively please review our solution papers for a brief introduction to Knowledge Based Solutions.